Kaufman Hagan is a Denver-based commercial real estate brokerage, built by various industry leaders to create unique, high-value services for our investment partners and our brokers.

We drive disproportionate value to our partners through innovation, relentless effort, superior market knowledge and our belief in the value of owning every aspect of the client relationship. 

Who We Are

Kaufman Hagan is a commercial real estate brokerage built by various industry leaders to create unique, high-value services for our investment partners and our brokers. Our success is built through lasting relationships and trust with our lifelong investment partners.

What We Do

We specialize in acquisition and disposition brokerage services, property-value analysis, market insight and strategic ownership advisory. We cultivate opportunities for our investment partners and local community with a deep understanding of real estate and it’s value in all of our lives. More than anything, we have a profound respect for how important real estate decisions are for our investment partners. We believe that unique opportunities can be found from both the most complex and the most common real estate transactions when we bring the right people, insights and innovation to the table.

What We Are NOT

Egos in suits. We are not unappreciative, commission-focused brokers with limited or single-deal focused mindsets. We do not take shortcuts, skip over details or take the easy way out.

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Exclusive services offered by Kaufman Hagan.

Asset Management

Whether you already own a portfolio of multifamily properties or are looking to build one, Kaufman Hagan will act as your real estate asset manager to maximize your investing decisions. In this capacity, we offer: Acquisition and Disposition Services, Business Planning, Budget Planning, Capital Expenditure Planning, Financial Analysis, & Monthly and Quarterly Reporting.

Kaufman Hagan can create an actionable business plan and investment strategy for your property in line with your investment objectives to reposition, rehabilitate, and manage the finances of the asset or real estate portfolio on behalf of you, conducting thorough market research, data analysis, and revenue forecasting based on a multitude of factors.

If you are a real estate investor and need help, our experts can offer investment advice, help managing real estate portfolios, grow your existing investment portfolio, investing in commercial real estate, REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), and more.

Real Estate Advisory

We have a diverse network that includes wide-ranging expertise so that we can develop highly customized solutions to meet our clients’ real estate objectives. Our integrated team approach is unique and gives us the ability to seamlessly complete the simplest real estate transaction while also giving us the expertise to tackle the most complex challenges. We are trusted advisors and counselors who know how to find solutions where others find obstacles.

Land Sales

We understand the complex process of land development and maintain an extensive network of local contacts in the public and private sectors. Our market research capabilities enable us to anticipate trends and uncover opportunities for investors and developers. Whether you wish to purchase a site, successfully market a parcel of land, or develop a strategic real estate plan, we can help.

Project Leasing

We have in-depth local market knowledge that is crucial to delivering optimum results for owners. From repositioning an underperforming asset to leasing up a newly developed project, our focus on tenant mix and creative solutions are tailored to each asset’s specific objectives.

Our Headquarters

Kaufman Hagan Commercial Real Estate
2245 Curtis St, Suite#100
Denver, CO 80205
(303) 547-7357

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